Aagh! The Selfie Syndrome

Selfie a word which until late 2012 was not on google search and until 2013 was never in the oxford dictionary is now a popular way for people to take poses of themselves while doing something or while putting on something new they want others to notice. Most selfies end up on social medias like facebook, twitter, instagram and whatsapp. It is a way of self expression. Now we are seeing a new way of taking selfies. It is no longer an individual but rather a group. Its called a "groufie".

The selfie syndrome is eating into our society like a cancerous condition. Ever since an astronaut became the first man to take a selfie on the moon the word selfie was not searched for so much on Google until late 2012. It was added to the oxford dictionary in 2013. An iPhone app called Selfie that allowed users to post photos taken by the front camera became popular among the youths long before apps like Facebook, flicker and Instagram could reinvent the wheel with photo Editting features.

This is 2017 and phones like Oppo from China are selling out like hot dogs because of the selfie feature alone! Many people can't finish a day without selfieing themselves. Most ladies and a few men are affected.

The first person to take a selfie only did that because he could not take a photo of where he was without being part of it since he was alone there. That is the true meaning of taking a selfie. Not these misguided fellow who would take selfie with anything they come across with from a stray lion, stray bullet, baba, road accident, burning fire, bridegroom and bride, artist on stage, dead man, new dress, tattered clothes, old man, mad man and who knows if they will do that while bathing one day.Future generations may find skeletons at a selfie posture some day.

Very soon there will be signs on public places:
Anyway why risk you life taking a selfie near a stray lion, Alisha bab or a raging fire? When did you become a reporter for CNN, BBC or aljazeera who will do anything to bring you the story?

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