Don’t be Easily Deceived by so-called Prophet David Owuor

We are sitting on a time bomb that few are paying attention to. It is about an obsession that may sooner or later get out of hand.

Several Kenyans are giving reverence and utter worship to a man called Dr. David Owuor, founder and prophet of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry. Known variously as “The Elijah to come”, “Mighty servant of God” and lately “The Mightiest Prophet”, this man has made women abandon their marriages, men quit their jobs and follow, people flock to towns adorned in sack clothes, some take soap and water to wash streets before his coming and thousands others sleep in the cold with nursing babies in order to meet the man.

Some days back I happened to tune into “Jesus Is Lord Radio”, dominated 100 per cent by the teaching and manifestation of the prophet. It is what I heard that made me say we are sitting on a time bomb. A presenter was picking call after call from leading bishops of the Repentance and Holiness Church as they explained the reaction by their congregations to a video that had been shown in the Churches that morning. The video (hopefully still available online as I post this) was of Prophet Owuor baptizing some pastors at night. It is what the bishops and the congregants made of it and how they ended up viewing the man that worries me.

A lady bishop from Bungoma said that Owuor’s hands were so glorious that it looked like he was wearing gloves when he wasn’t and that she had not seen anything like that. She goes into a frenzy and sheds tears asking, “Who is this?!” This is a question raised by the crowds in the days of Jesus when they saw Him heal the sick, feed multitudes with little food and raise the dead. The disciples asked the question “Who is this man” when Jesus calmed a violent storm.Now it is asked of David Owuor; why? She then describes how the steps of “The Mightiest Prophet” looked like they were oozing with glory as he walked! … While someone who has been baptizing May, certainly, come out of the pool and have water on his feet, this is interpreted and corroborated by bishops from Eldoret, Bomet and Kerugoya, among others.

What worried me even more were three things: The bishop from Bungoma not only weeps publicly on the phone at the thought of how great this man is, but goes on to say that she is ready to do and obey anything the Prophet says…. Secondly, she and several other bishops state categorically that the prophet is great because, while Jesus experienced the transfiguration
only once, Owuor has experienced it several time with the cloud coming down to cover him and people watched, quite different from Jesus who had only Peter, James and John watching. … They also state that he is the one John the Baptist pointed to, the Elijah who is to come.

Acts 4:12 says there is no other name under heaven by which men can be saved, but the name of Jesus. Not Dr. David Owuor. Jesus hardly features in these discussions. The bishops “fear” and “tremble” and call committees to deliberate on the sights. To them Owuor is “the mightiest”, “greatest” most “terrifying”, etc. Not Jesus.

Angels in the book of Revelation refused John’s falling to his face to worship them. Owuor is ok with people falling prostrate, kneeling, etc. to revere him. He does not stop them. They wash roads in preparation to meet him and he does not stop them. Only his message is to be preached on his station, Jesus Is Lord Radio. Apparently most of the other pastors are not good enough and need to repent.

In 1978, Jim Jones led more than 900 people to commit suicide. It happened again in 1993 in Waco, Texas, where David Koresh led hundreds to a premature death. In 2000, Joseph Kibwetere, nearer home, led over 1000 people to death by setting the Church ablaze. In Kenya many of us have not forgotten the University of Nairobi don who was starving his children as they waited to hear from God and have we forgotten what happened about two years ago when, because of cultic deception, lawyer Paul Magu killed his wife and three children?

I am not in any way indicating exactly what could happen to the followers of Dr. David Owuor, but I am saying it in broad daylight as a loving warning to all who follow him, that Dr. Owuor is standing between you and Jesus Christ, the King of kings and our greatest Prophet, High Priest and Master. You see Owuor more than you see Christ. He may mesmerize you by his feats, appearance, flamboyance and mysterium, but that is exactly why you should look for Jesus Christ instead of him.

To the relatives, friends and associates of members of the Repentance and Holiness Church, please help point them back to and to the reading of the Bible. For Kenya’s leadership and the multitude that is easily mesmerized by sights of huge crowds and pomp, watch out, because truth is not legitimized by how big a crowd you can amass. Don’t be easily deceived by so-called “prayer rallies” of mass repentance. David Owuor himself needs to repent for allowing people to idolize him and give him, a mere man, unproportional reverence, not to mention the lies he has told in the name of prophecy.

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