The Nightmare of Whatsapp

How I wish I had not put my personal contacts on my apps. Now I get lots of blank or unclear emails. Some people can even send the same message on SMS, Whatsapp and email. There was one who emailed me on my three emails and since I have turned on forwarding on them the thing sort of looped and I got six emails instead of three which was supposed to be one.

On phone someone texts and before I respond he has already started calling. So sometimes when am in town or in the house washing or cooking i can fail to hear my phone ringing. when I check moments later I have to sort out the smses and missed calls.

Now that is nothing compared to Whatsapp which has been a good communication device to for a very long time now. However the way some people calling themselves christians behave on it is enough to drive someone crazy. While some are stubbon, others are mischevious. You are in a group and you switch off data only to come back 12 hours later and find loads of chunks of texts like 300 from a single group.

Others out of the blues, create groups and start adding you there and you thrown a state of confusion wondering where you are because you hardly know the members of the group let alone even the creator.

I know the mistake is mine for being a victim of these plus texts from personal accounts. Oh yes I gets lots of personal texts on Whatsapp, some of them bible scriptures, encouragements, stories, jokes, videos and quotes from the prophet of our age: Bro Branham. Who would feel offended with such generosity from christians, friends and strangers everyday. I know you would say am crazy when I complain but you dont know my story.

When I started using Whatsapp in 2014 it was cool. Even in 2015 it was cool getting texts from strangers. But now in 2017 Whatsapp is a nightmare to me. With all these texts from groups I can't attempt to leave but only mute its getting out of control for me. Then there are comedians sending me jokes all the time, story tellers sending long extracts from novels, and pastors sending 3 texts a day of the Bible, Encouragement and Quotes of the message. I tell its hard to breathe for me.

I have had to tell some of them to reduce the number of texts they send me to even one per week so I can not fail to go through them. Imagine I work most of the time on my laptop and Whatsapp is good for getting in touch with clients and family members. There are some sending me texts in French, Portuguese and Spanish simply because I have an app that this languages in them : Quote of the Day. They don't know I work with a translator app to do that and I font have it all the time.

I think am gonna quit Whatsapp or change my number to get a break.

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