Pregnant College Girls?

Just went back to my former college and all I see are incoming mothers. During our time we had a Pregnant College Girl but now its more of a hobby. As an Alumni I must recommend to the Dispensary to extend it for maternity services where students will be going for pregnancy tests as well as delivering so that if a student can be able to run out of an exam to deliver and come back to finish the exams. Meanwhile respect pregant women because it is not easy to walk around with evidence that you had sex especially if you have been playing hard to your classmates and neighbours.

Its a pity for a lady if everytime you are visiting your boyfriend (which I dont recommend especially on your own) and his phone is on flight mode I want ask you are you dating a pilot? You have even managed to shave your eyebrows very well and redrawn it yet you want some married man to sponsor you so you can do your hair. Why cant you simply shave your head bald and draw the weave of your choice? And if you are a married man and you find school girls attractive to you why dont you buy your wife a school uniform?

If you're in love with more than one person, then what is inside you is no longer a heart its a memory card. That is the reason some girls who have never seen the doors of a gym look physically fit. They keep running from one man to another. By the way ladies, don't advertise your man if he is not advertising you. If he is acting single I recommend you act like widow. So young man when you look back at girls you spent money on rather than send it to your mum you realize
witchcraft is real. But for someone who is always commenting everyday on a picture of a girl: "wow... wow... wow..." then you are not a human being. You are an ambulance.

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