The Smart Phone Etiquette

Having a phone is no longer something to celebrate or be proud of these days. Actually having a smartphone in this current age is one of the best things and probably reassuring way that you are actually civilized. A smartphone which is more than just a phone is a communication gadget designed and built to give the user more than the usual communication experience we used to have when phones were brought to Africa at first.

When phones were introduced or rather invented they were for short ranges and for communication only. Communication by then was only by voice only through wired media only. Phones by then were just telephones that were owned by affluent people and big organisation that could afford them. Telephone booths had queues of people waiting to call their relatives or friends in certain town. You had to know the code of a town and pick their number from an address book which was made available at the telephone booth commonly refereed to as Yellow Pages. I too used it when I was in Form one. Anyway history aside these days phones have evolved to the extent that not only are they smaller that you can just carry them around but they can be disused as wrist watches i.e smart watches. When the ancestor that invented the telephone wakes up and finds the phone is merely an earpiece with a transparent screen that is project from the user's chest then he will be wondering if its the same world he used to live in before or another.

The phone over the ages has been evolving and becoming smarter and smarter so that its now referred to as a smart phone. It makes no sense to the current generation if you proclaim to be up to date if you don't own a smartphone. Its not just any smartphone but rather a smartphone running some android, windows, ios, blackberry or tizen platform. It is not just any Android or iPhone smartphone but rather the model of the phone and the platform version that makes sense. It is not having what latest version of a smartphone os but rather the apps in it. It is these apps that are driving people crazy and you will hear very crazy conversations going on. "Are on WhatsApp?", "So and so has just tweeted..." "please go onlinesmartphonek what i have shared with you!"

The smartphone is selling faster than anything on the content because it turning out to be a companion and not just a gadget. It makes you on the same platform with everyone around the globe by ensuring everything depending with how deep your pocket is can be reached by the touch of a button. You buy, sell, talk, watch, learn, teach, sing and do all the stuff right from it. Infact to others the smartphone is the most important thing that ever occured in their life than their family, wife, christianity, lovers. Recently I saw a joke online claiming that people these days can let their lovers touch their private parts but not their phones. Can you imagine that?

For your information, on Twitter most people are angry, on Facebook they are happy, on LinkedIn everyone is successful, Instagram is all about being artistic but most of all everyone on Whatsapp seems to be rather miserable. So as you swipe or tap through your smartphone remember others too as they may not be on the same level as you are. So don't be offensive with your smartphone.

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