Unemployment is real

Recently in the Daily Nation I saw an article on unemployment. Some very learned youngsters were pictured carrying placards of "I need a job" or "I am unemployed". Some of them had master's, others degrees. It was a article that drew a lot of sympathy from many readers starting with myself.

This is not the first time that we are hearing of people carrying placards asking for jobs. Obvious the reason would be corruption, old men now willing to give youngsters space to work. That aside, we are living in a time when there are more learned men compared to those unlearned. More people are graduating from universities and tertiary institutions. Others who are feeling insecure at work are being forced to advance their studies. So what do you expect after graduating surely? Its evident you have to fight through. This is not like in our fathers' and mothers' time when you are get employed even before you graduate from wherever you were studying. People got salaries while in college! Nowadays that happens in military colleges where most of those recruited are rejects in the societies like D- and E students.

These days you can get employed depending on a number of things like being affiliated, an old boy for instance in your college. You can be retained where you go for industrial attachment or where you go for teaching practice. Many don't know this fact and often misuse their chance in institutions where they are attached. It is a pity.

Owing to the fact of affiliation you could use relatives as well as church members to secure employment. Many people are not known in churches where they go to. Even when people are interacting after the service such people often leave in hurry after greeting some or no people at all. They never participate in church activities. Some people are not free to say what they studying in college or even offer free service to church members who are in need.

Most people never get mentored into real life situations till they get there. This is because their parents or guardians are either too busy for them or not free to share some ideas with them. So we find since children are taken to boarding school they never get time to exhaust many idea with their parents and after high school they join college or university without wasting time. They just mature from small babies to big babies. Everywhere they go to they strive to pass with flying colors and not crawling ones. Minimal mentor ship or none is done to. They will have to learn things the hard way.

Many of us have talents in us waiting to be unleashed. However when we get into bad company we end up misusing our talents doing Crimes. Seeking advice from the wrong company is bad too. The wrong company could misleading you greatly. We need to identify the right company that can nurture us in productive citizens. Spending time with people with positive ideas is a good initiative. We can always learn from them. So identify asap

Here I will summarize some ways to avoid the beast of unemployment:
  1. Identity your talent and start using it as early as possible.
  2. Engage in church activities and be social to everyone.
  3. Choose the right company.
  4. Look for business opportunities.
  5. Be a saver and not spender.
  6. Never try to copy others

I will add more in future God willing. I hope this article will enlighten you into positive thinking.

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