Are Luos Fools Really?

This got some sense: Someone is saying something here.

I am a Luo. I come from Homa Bay County. I work in Nairobi and live in a rented house belonging to a Kikuyu. I have never defaulted on rent. My Landlord sent me 500/= when I lost my mum in 2014 because we respect each other.
I have 10 acres of land in my ancestral home where I have built a family house. I have a job and my kids go to good schools. I have friends across the ethnic groups in Kenya. Other friends are not Africans.

My parents instilled some values in me and I consider myself a generally decent person. I usually return extra change given to me mistakenly by shopkeepers. On two occasions matatu crew have forgotten to collect fare from me. When alighting, I reminded them that they had not taken my fare and handed the money over to them.

In my place of work, opportunities to steal abound but I prefer eating my sweat only. I have never insulted anyone on account of their ethnicity or race.
I got myself circumcised after reading that there are some medical benefits of it.

Lately I have been compelled to reexamine myself after reading severally on various social media platforms that Luos are fools, stupid poor and generally reason with the foreskin. I looked at myself in the mirror and looked at my values to see if I fit all these descriptions. I also went through my posts on social media to see if they fit the descriptions. I found a mismatch.
I then assessed the other Luos I know. I looked at my sisters and brothers, our church pastor, my former Leo professors, my Luo doctor, my Luo workmates. I looked for the fit. All I saw were just decent people.

I looked at Raila, I looked at his historical background, I looked at a person who the Kalenjin once called Arap Mibei and the Kikuyus once called Njamba. All I saw was Njamba.

I replayed Chris Musando's last appearance on Tv looking for stupidity, I saw none.

I replayed the videos of looting during streets protests. I didn’t see Luos there. What I saw were thugs just like those who rob banks on daily basis, those who are felled on the streets daily. I saw thugs. Yes I saw poverty among Luos just like I saw poverty in Muranga and other areas where Ahadi Kenya Is active.
Are Luos fools? Am I a fool? Is poverty only among Luos?

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