A Recognition of Outstanding services rendered to the nation

What has this country become? You do a foolish thing and you get rewarded.

I scratched my head as I wrestled with the possible citation of this #Githeriman's award: For balancing a nylon paper full of boiled seedlings of maize and beans and holding a voter's card and chewing. It is for this really hard act of multi-tasking that this man is honored. Personally I ate #githeri for four years in high school but I never received state commendation only for the githeri man who ate it for one day and received state commendation. Anyway its the Kenyan way that the president decided to award Martin Kamotho for carrying githeri on voting day and fail to recognize sportsmen who made Kenya proud. How many people cued for long hours with empty stomachs? Bure kabisa.

Some misguided blogger a critic of both the opposition and the ruling regime also got rewared probably for insulting or deserting Rao. I also wonder if some state house blogger was being honored for tweeting for the UK. Maybe some reporter could have been rewarded for showcasing slaying to some state house big fish. Don't forget some backsliden gospel artist who sang "to the statehouse" till his voice got hourse geing recognized. I tell its a shame and public mediocrity.

I tell you, get spotted insulting Baba, Nasa or anything equivalent to that near Kisumu and you get a recognition of outstanding or distinguished services rendered to the nation in various capacities and responsibilities!

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