How to be slay-queen proof

In the story of creation we learn of how God created man but delayed to give him his female companion like he had done for other animals. He later caused him to fall into a deep sleep and out of his ribs God created a woman. When the two later united we are told of how man admired the woman and gave her descriptions like bones of my bones, flesh of my flesh.

Now unlike in animals where the male animal is beautiful work of art to man its the opposite. Women are attractive and good looking. Its often hard for women to pass near men without getting noticed. This is what creates the slay Queen effect a very serious situation with adverse consequences with some unpredictable at first time.

Often times you find men getting themselves into trouble for allegedly falling for pretty women who are totally strangers to them. For instance paying fare, buying expensive gifts, spending money on unplanned expenses and later regretting it when the returns become null and void.

Once I found a young man in town at around 7pm begging for fare to get back home citing he had been robbed. I could help laughing later when he narrated how he had met a girl at his home bus stop coming to town. He paid her fare, bought her tea at some restaurant and went as far as asking for her number, giving her their family tree. He was later to be disappointed when she thank him for his company and excused herself to go meet her man. I helped off course but after giving him some pieces of advice.

As a man you are at all times in danger of falling into temptations of pretty women passing by. While women are attracted by what they hear men get attracted by what they see. Now to be slay-queen proof means:
1. Mind your own business! - avoid the unwise curiosity of knowing everybody or anybody even if they look friendly or are from your tribe.
2. Never save numbers without a proper reason! Exchange or request for a phone number if you must use it for a business course, network, group work or something like that.
3. Take time to know people! - before you pay fare, giving a person your personal stories and so much more try to take time to know them on a personal level. Know their home, parents, their age and such like information.
4. Always have a schedule! - whenever you wake up going out plan what, who, where, how you will spend your day. You might not spend your money but your time is precious too.
5. Don't overspend! - always plan how you are going to spend your money before the day starts. At the end of the day be accountable to yourself in realising how much you gained and lost. Be cautious of what spend remember to check if its within your plan and if its, is it affordable, how much is remaining
6. Know your limits! - don't forget your boundaries or limits in terms of ability. Don't get over excited and talk for the sake of it. Be wise not to jump off the cliff.
7. Be alert at all times! - always be conscious of yourself. Know your background, your self values

Well safe are you if you practice this. God bless you.

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